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    The Rest In Crude Series

    Aunt Bee
    Aunt Bee
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    trinity The Rest In Crude Series

    Post by Aunt Bee on Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:27 pm

    Monty Python: It's A Crude Life
    Big Oil Company has inadvertently created a Monster that comes to life after the largest Oil Spill in history threatens the Gulf Of america.. Now it is threatening to devour the entire Gulf Coast Region and turning the Locals into its Tarball Slaves.

    Our 2 heroes Ted Tinkle & Marsh Pringle get Lassoed into finding the Maker of this Mess, Old Business partner, Professor Petroleum. And as their story unfolds, another story evolves surrounding Local Talk show hosts- GulfStream Hank and Bayou Bob.
    The Rest In Crude Series 980255976

    Rest In Crude: The Return To Dead Parrot Island
    When our story opens, it's several months later. (February 2011) The monster has mutated and gone on a killing rampage, or are the Birds and Fish a part of a WildLife Suicide Cult like the Govt Insists???

    In any event, Petroleum has gotten away with everything and has returned to his Dead Parrot Lair of iniquity, no one has heard hide or hair of Tinkle or Pringle, and the Local News Jockeys have gone nationwide with their shows.

    Little do they realize, that they are fixing to be drafted into finding Tinkle & Pringle, What's Up With This Wild Life Cult? And to Get Petroleum off that Island! Fer Gawd's Sakes- It has dead parrots on it- THAT could not be good.
    The Rest In Crude Series 183892423

    Rest In Crude 3D: Opportunity Rising
    The Bayou Boys team up with Monochrome Agent Mr Gadfly who is working undercover as late night News Pundit, Mitch Durango.

    Their Mission: To expose the sinister creations that Dr Dow left behind and to uncover the truth about the Hidden Insanity Epidemic that has turned normal citizens into raging Loonies and Mindless consumers.
    The key to solving both problems MAY reside in the part of the internet that has evolved into a living sentient being, but our heroes must first determine whether it is friend or foe.

    The Rest In Crude Series 579719

    The Search For Crude

    It's been several weeks since the Fat Cats were disposed of but since then, there has been a disturbance in the force that is not only effecting The EtherVerse where our heroes are from, but the 12 neighboring Universes as well. It's once again up to the Bayou Boys- to help in restoring balance to the Universes- along with "Crude" suprises as well.

    The Rest In Crude Series 123821
    It Rose From The Crude
    Mysterious Sinkholes are being created by some dark and shadowy creature from The Gulf Of America's past that only a few people have actually seen.

    Meanwhile, since the Opportunitists alleged demise, Cosmetic Magnet- Felicia Roulette has become the wealthiest woman in the world, obtaining several Mega- Corporation, and now has her eye on OMGtv.
    The Monochromes suspect that She has a fiendish plot in mind for OMGtv which includes nasty business against The Monochrome Agency. What they will learn is far more sinister than they ever imagined, for one should never mix Sinkholes with Opportunity.

    The Rest In Crude Series 263820

    ~Aunt Bee

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