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    Rest In Crude 3D: Opportunity Rising

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    Naughty Rest In Crude 3D: Opportunity Rising

    Post by Smooth Operator on Sat Feb 23, 2013 1:21 pm

    Rest In Crude 3D: Opportunity Rising
    Originally Posted by Smooth Operator on Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:09 am

    In the latest installment of The Ether's Rest In Crude series, the Bayou Boys team up with Monochrome Agent Mr Gadfly who is working undercover as late night News Pundit, Mitch Durango.

    Their Mission: To expose the sinister creations that Dr Dow left behind and to uncover the truth about the Hidden Insanity Epidemic that has turned normal citizens into raging Loonies and Mindless consumers.

    The key to solving both problems MAY reside in the part of the internet that has evolved into a living sentient being, but our heroes must first determine whether it is friend or foe.

    At the beginning of part 3, it has been 3 weeks since the arrest of Dr. Dow and Agent Gadfly is excited to have the Bayou Boys on his 1st Mission as Team Leader. As Host of the News Magazine Capitol Lies he has captured the attention of Bianca Byrnes, Soon to be host of SIN's upcoming cable news magazine, Idle Chat

    How Gadfly got to be team leader resulted in the tenacious research and special vision regarding Dow and the Opportunitists long term goals.

    Several years ago Dow had created the 1st Avatar that was self aware which he uploaded to our reality and named him Hubere Marquette

    who went on to create his own network entitled- Opportunity Knocks Network. His news affiliate became Satellite Independent News (SIN for short), where MANY of these Avatars were uploaded as a means to drive the Opportunitists Personal Agenda for Global Domination

    after all, Thomas Jefferson once said (Or was it Ben Franklin) that those who control the Media control Society.

    Soon after these Human Avatars began doing their work a strange thing happened to society, it was as if a strange type of epidemic was rising that seemed to effect everyone except those with little to no Air in their astrology charts. Mitch Durango was among the first to notice the pattern and he and Agent Jas began recruiting those unaffected to launch a subliminal campaign against the Insanity Epidemic.

    . . . And here- is where our new story opens . . .

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