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    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044

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    bubbles Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044

    Post by Serina on Wed Feb 27, 2013 8:01 am

    You're probly asking yerselves, "What IS Serena going on about NOW?"
    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 2144547258
    Well lemme tellya...

    Pluto ruled by Scorpio (Transformation and on the negative end abuse of power) is NOW in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn (Authority/ Security based on corporate and Politico establishments) and under this setting we are encountering a transformation of the way Governments AND companies are doing business with the world. Okay lets face it- their abuse of power.
    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 994547

    Pluto is entering Aquarius in 2023. Aquarius is co-ruled by Uranus and Jupiter.
    Jupiter is about learning and growth and expands awareness around everything it touches. Uranus is about Global conscousness and community awareness at a global scale that demands a change of the so called Societal norm.
    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 1775782527

    When Pluto has entered Aquarius in the past, it is normally followed by global insight and awareness- then Revolution.

    So what May trigger an upcoming or awareness and Revolution THIS time around besides people simply waking being pissed?
    I am so glad you asked.

    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 727319
    Besides the corrosion of human rights and deregulation, drugs being poured into our water supply, waste water and sewage being "Recyled" back into our drinking water and food supply, we have a drug shortage problem that is NOT going away, depleted minerals in our soils, global warming which deplets the ice caps (That's where our water supply comes from BTW), I won't even cover the rampent stupidity virus that the world seems to have currently.

    Peak Water: 2025- Guess what folks- we need water and if we run out of fresh- People will get angry all right

    Peak Phosphorus: 2044- Phosphorus like water, is a necessity for life. We need it for the soil to grow our foods. Phosphates help keep fresh water at the right consistancy (if I'm getting that right) Our bodies need it to absorb our foods that we eat and to regulate our bodies and for our bones to stay healthy.
    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 183892423

    SO MY prediction: If there's not an actual zombie apocalypse, I say look for the water wars as well as people not getting enough food and their meds.
    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 4096607735

    Then of course we have potential Asteriod doom To Hit or barely skim the Earth in 2029
    My hunch that this one is the least of our worries. (Unless it knocks out a bunch of our satellites and the internet- THEN we'll have Internet Doom to look forward too)
    Hmmmm maybe TPTB believe that hungry consumers buy more stuff.
    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 725703

    But the thing I have noticed about bad guys, they never think too far ahead.

    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 146231
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    bubbles Re: Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044

    Post by Serina on Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:26 am

    I wouldnt have told anyone if certain "things" depended on it.

    Certain factors based on "What coulda been"

    Who would believe it anyway considering how asleep SO many are.

    Pluto In Aquarius: 2023-2044 146231

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