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    Submitted . . . . for your approval

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    Naughty Submitted . . . . for your approval

    Post by Newshound on Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:15 am

    You unlock this door with Nothing But Brain Bleach

    Beyond it is another dimension -

    a dimension of Gifs,

    a dimension of Memes And Movement

    A dimension of Virtual Galleries

    You're moving into a land Filled With Virtual Canvasses & A Region Far From Bacon and ANY substance that's attached to things and ideas.

    You've See A Sign Post Up Ahead- Food For Thought... It's The Meme Gallery.
    Made Possible By The Bacon Free Zone

    The Meme Gallery

    With Your Host....

    Anthony Pemble Bates

    Good Evening. And Welcome To The Gallery Of Virtual Space, Transparent Knowledge, And Yes- Even Virtual People.

    I Am Your Host Anthony Pemble Bates

    And While Search Bots Attempt To Track My Fake Name And All Of My Fake Information Attached To It,

    Follow Me If You Will Down This Hall Into A Separate Gallery Where You Will Find A Collection Of Rare Memes For A Rare And Private Showing From Our Original And Not So Original Memes

    Tonight's Special Viewing Comes From Our Private Dealer Who Indicated This To Be "Hot" Property. So Obviously, He's Bias About His Own Work.

    As Always, Make Sure To Pay Close Attention To Their Details For Any One Of These Works Of Art Could Come To Life Right Before Your Eyes.

    Now If You Will Look At Tonight's Main Display Spotlighted At The Heart Of The Gallary,

    You Will See A Raccoon Dancing Across An Empty Street.
    Why Is He There? Why Is He Dancing? And Would He Be Good With Some Possum Gravy

    The Thing Is, You Only THINK You See A Dancing Raccoon.... What If He's Waiting For His Dinner And His Next Meal Is You ?

    We Call This Piece Of Work:

    And It's Here Exclusively At
    The Meme Gallery

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