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    These Memes Are CataStrophic

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    break These Memes Are CataStrophic

    Post by Serina on Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:20 am

    Good evening. We offer you a sojourn amongst the wild, the wooly, Purrfectly Adorable, And the unbelievable, sometimes made believable, as our first Meme suggests. 

    I Am Your Hostess, Serena, And This Is
    Forum Number 4 In Our Meme Gallery We call Cathouse Gifs.

    Look Through Them, if you will, with gentle restrained eyes.

    The way you would look at a maniac in the woods Or A Dog Fixing To Pee On Your Leg Because That's The Story They COULD Tell.

    After All, These Cats Not Only Pretend To Sleep Most Of The Time,

    They Can Also  Emerge From All Sorts Of Places Like; Sinkholes, Ceilings, PCs, And EVEN Divulge Their Plans Of World Domination As They Make You Feed Them As They Speak Perfectly Grammar.

    I've Heard It Said that, every time you look in one, you see Sneakiness at work But What I See Is A Mysterious Intellect.

    While most of us see only what we want to see.

    And perhaps it's better not to see too deeply into the darkness behind our Catastrophic Memes

    for there, live things beyond our imagination-

    .... For Those Who Still Have Theirs Intact.


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