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    As Humans, How Do We Communicate?

    Monochrome Man
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    Bee As Humans, How Do We Communicate?

    Post by Monochrome Man on Wed Oct 02, 2013 1:27 pm

    We have our 5 senses; Sight, Speech, Hearing, Touch, and smell. And as most here would probly agree, the 6th would be insight.

    It seems to me that we need at least Vision or Touch to REALLY communicate effectively.
    After all, humans are Social creatures immersed inside dense matter within this material plane. And as Spiritual creatures experiencing the human condition, we appear to be forced to use Insight with at least one of the 5 senses as a means to communicate effectively on the earth plane. Of course, My theory is that we are here to help mankind to evolve as we as Spiritual creatures learn and grow in our own way.
    The reason I make mention of this is because of the Internet.
    Has the Internet separated us from our own nature? Or worse still, has it not only separated us from other people, but our higher selves as well?


    You may say that we have vision. We can read and look at messages on the internet. We can watch and hear things like music, and protests, etc...off the Youtube and various other places.
    We even put animated smilies to good use attempting to get our messages or even feelings across. But in this virtual reality we have created for ourselves, the sight and even hearing is Virtual. And IMHO, sound is probably the most real due to REAL human voices in conjunction WITH the visualizations of what you are listening too.
    Let's use Helen Keller as an example of where I'm going with this.  
    She suffered from a sickness (possibly Scarlet fever) when she was only 18 or 19 months old, making her completely blind and deaf. For the next five years she had no way of successfully communicating with other people.
    Enter Anne Sullivan from Boston to help her. Miss Sullivan herself had once been blind. She tried to teach Helen to live like other people and teaching her how to use her hands as a way of speaking.

    We don't think of smell or touch or even taste very often. In fact, we tend to take our senses for granted. But Helen was lost without that contact. Without another human being with the Soul of experience, she would have remained Lost.

    So, what does this have to do with Communicating on the Interwebs?
    Well, a lot actually.

    There's a lot of mishandling of information out there. There are entities spinning propaganda, hate, and misinformation. Yeah, it's a huge Psyops alright. Because there is Psychological warfare going down right now.
    They play mind games with those without a clue as to what's REALLY going on, brain bleaching the population in the process.


    Then there are the awakened Souls- who these same entities attempt in various ways to discourage from gathering together by creating doubt and mistrust, causing greater division between us all.

    What do they use? Mostly sight and sound. The other senses cannot be used on the Interwebs yet, at least not that I know of.
    But how do we use our insight? We have a FEELING or something we see causes dejavu....

    After all, Humans are mostly mental creatures who use their insight by watching others body language, facial expressions, in conjunction with what is said and seen and even felt.
    Have you noticed that since the Internet started, we have pretty much lost the ability to communicate effectively one on one and face to face?

    We have gotten so dumbed down- NO wonder some have taken the Opportunity to take over the world, as it were.
    I love the internet. It's a great tool with a fantastic potential to make the world SUCH a GREATER place.

    But we slipped. Somewhere along the way, we allowed this to happen.
    But I can almost hear you asking; "But Jas, what does this have to do with Helen Keller ... or Soul for that matter?"
    Well kids, IMHO, we can't get by on insight alone. Just like the Human being can't manage effectively without its higher self.

    Think about it.

    Helen was helpless without Anne Sullivan. And at some point after they met, her insight kicked in.... I believe The moment at the water pump .... when Ann was trying to teach her the word for water. Her High self probly said something like; "Ohhhh that's right- She is the one who helps me get to my destination in life." 
    But it was touch with insight.
    We don't get that on the internet.
    I gotta go for now.

     Will discuss more later. But ponder that for a moment.

    PS: Don't let anyone pee on your leg 

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